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Damat-Lubs Kft. is a 100% Hungarian-owned company that has been operating in the north-eastern region of the country, in the Heves county of Eger, for more than 10 years.


Our Services

We think about the future

Considering that environmental awareness and environmental protection are becoming more and more emphasized in everyday life, we strive to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to our partners who use different lubricants, as well as to all participants of the domestic market.

Sale of premium lubricants

Removal of hazardous waste

Sales of maintenance tools

Implementation of total fluid management

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Full service

Simple and fast problem solving.

Our highly skilled employees provide the highest quality fluid maintenance with a self-developed machine arm. As part of our comprehensive services, in order to protect the environment and facilitate the activities of our customers, we accompany the removal and professional destruction of hazardous waste collected at each of our partners.

If required, we obtain our lubricants both from abroad and domestically. We sell Hangsterfer's exclusively in Hungary.

With our modern machine fleet, we clean and maintain the processing units flexibly and efficiently.

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Our partners

International Suppliers

Building and maintaining international relations is inevitable for our work. We develop our products and services in close cooperation with our partners in order to meet the highest needs of our customers.


"We focus on providing our customers with high quality through excellent expert knowledge, big brands, high quality tools and our own German-made high-performance carbide tools."


"The company's traditional activities include the development, production, distribution and maintenance of all types of lubricants, as well as user advice on their correct use."

We help make your ideas come true. Contact us on mail or phone

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